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Thursday, 26-Jan-2012 08:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MSNBC talk show

MSNBC talk show host Joe Scarborough had a slip of the tongue one morning on his political show. He accidently dropped the F-bomb when meant to use just the first letter of the word. When his co-host pointed out what he had said,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots, Scarborough stopped the show to apologize. Perhaps he knew he was going to be in trouble with more than just the FCC. He had to face his wife when he got home.

Wednesday, 25-Jan-2012 19:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mitt Romney's ca

Mitt Romney's campaign released a series of attacks against Gingrich this week. The first came in the form of the ever-popular email,Timberland womens Roll Top Boots, titled,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots, "With Friends Like Newt,Timberland Mens Roll Top Boots, Who Needs the Left?" The email was followed by a conference call with Romney surrogates who called Gingrich "self-aggrandizing" and "anti-conservative,Tmberland Mens Boots," among other things.
Gingrich used President Obama as the main reason the Republican candidates should not attack each other.

Tuesday, 24-Jan-2012 15:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Really right now

Really right now I'm focused on basketball and other things will take care of themselves,Timberland womens Roll Top Boots,Tmberland Mens Boots,timberland Mens 6 Inch Boots," he said when asked why he wants his marriage annulled. "It's a great day for the NBA and the fans."
Where Humphries might land as the NBA begins its shortened season after a long lockout remains unclear. But there is one place he says you will not find him: in front of the TV,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots,Timberland Mens Roll Top Boots,Tmberland Mens Boots, watching his marriage unfold.

Monday, 23-Jan-2012 19:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rick is not real

Rick is not really a preparer in the traditional sense,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots,timberland Mens 6 Inch Boots," campaign national communications director Hogan Gidley said. There will be no debate run-through before he takes the stage. "He is his own policy guru. He's doing this long enough. He doesn't need to fall back on consultants to know what to say and to know the message he wants to get across."

Sunday, 22-Jan-2012 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
They've smiled a

They've smiled at each other, they've shook hands, and it's done,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots,Timberland Mens Roll Top Boots," Boehner,Tmberland Mens Boots, R-Ohio,Timberland womens Roll Top Boots, said. "I'm hopeful that the Senate leaders will come to their senses,timberland Mens 6 Inch Boots, allow members to sign this report,Timberland Mens Roll Top Boots,Timberland womens Roll Top Boots, and move forward. There is no reason to hold this bill up."
Leaders from both parties concede the megabus is nearly finished,Timberland Womens 6 Inch Boots, but the spending bill might be the only leverage left for Reid as he pushes for clean extensions to the payroll tax credit and unemployment insurance

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